Evers directs $50 million to Wisconsin farmers, agriculture


Madison, Wisconsin (AP)-- Gov. Tony Evers announced Wednesday that he’s directing $50 million in federal coronavirus relief funding to Wisconsin’s farmers and the state’s agriculture industry.

That is in addition to $50 million in federal funding that has already been distributed through the Wisconsin Farm Support Program. Applications for the latest round of funding will open later this year following the fall harvest, Evers’ administration said.

Under the first round of payments, each recipient received up to a $3,500 payment. The new program, to be administered by the state agriculture and revenue departments, will be modeled after the earlier one.

Evers, who is up for reelection next year, has sole control over how to spend the federal coronavirus relief money the state received.

Evers has announced plans for spending about $4.5 billion of the federal money, including $650 million for grants to small businesses; $525 million for pandemic response and government operations; $510 million for economic development; $200 million for eligible infrastructure projects, including broadband; $130 million for workforce initiatives; and more than $100 million for tourism.

Evers also put $417 million into reserve for future coronavirus response needs.

Story via AP