Every state is averaging $4 per gallon of gas; farmers get creative to save money

Overnight gas prices reached a new all-time high, and for the first time ever, every state in the country is averaging in the $4 range.

The national average jumped four cents overnight to $4.56. One year ago, it was $3.04. Diesel jumped a fraction of a penny, reaching a new all-time high as well at $5.57 per gallon. Californians are paying the highest at $6.05 for regular and $6.57 for diesel.

As fuel and other inputs reach new highs, one agronomist is sharing how he is getting creative to share money.

“What we’ve done a couple of times as we combine applications, herbicides plus nitrogen and try to tag up those things and limit the trips across the field. We’ve cut some trips down so you put more additional products on and you get creative ways on how to do that, trying to make them as efficient as possible and then reduce their trips. Some of the easiest ways we can do this are by maintaining our equipment, making sure our tractors and stuff are all ready to roll, and then by implementing practices like no-till and reduced tillage, you do less passes across the field, those practices alone will help reduce our footprint as far as driving and our time in the tractor, which will cut our costs.">

Remember, every farm is different, so think about small changes you can that could go a long way.


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