Exile and Other Country Musicians Weigh in on Father’s Day


June 18, 2017

For singer Holly Dunn, it was all about “Daddy’s Hands.” Reba said hers was “the greatest man she ever knew,” and Conway Twitty said it was his job. What do all these country singers have in common? Dads.

This Father’s Day, RFD-TV and RURAL RADIO Channel 147 are celebrating with country stars who weigh in on memories, stories, and talk about what it means for them to be a dad, a granddad, or reflecting on the father or parental figure that helped shape their lives.

Exile on Being a Father and Grandfather:

Nashville artist, Benji Harris on Being a NEW Dad:

Sylvia talks about her booking agent, Jim Prater, who served as an important person and father figure in her life:

The Darlins talk memories and traditions of their Fathers:

Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June each year, so we hope you can take the time to send out a quick hug, card, or spend time with your beloved dads. Send us your photos of how you celebrated to socialmedia@rfdtv.com.