Failed cattle dog and disabled calf share bond

Cupcake and Bo

Via WFLA News: Genia Kay Meyer has a cow that was born with her front legs crooked which means Meyer has to bring a bottle every morning for the calf, named Cupcake.

Meyer gives as much care as she can to the calf, but the real caretaker is Bo, who was supposed to be the family’s new cattle dog, but he was not able to do the job required.

The calf and pup became fast friends and were inseparable from day one.

Bo wipes Cupcake’s face after a bottle and has helped introduce her to a special mix of solid food, but the most important thing Bo does is be a companion.

The two friends went viral on social media quickly.

“I had no idea it would go like that,” Meyer says of the thousands of views and likes she’s received.

Cupcake’s future remains in doubt. Genia started a GoFundMe page to raise money for an operation that might not even work.