(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by our viewers.

What does RFD stand for?

Younger folks and city slickers sometimes act puzzled when they hear the name “RFD-TV.” They don’t know the meaning behind the letters.

They don’t know their history, that’s all. But rural folks do. RFD – Rural Free Delivery – by the U.S. Postal Service is one of the most important developments in American rural history. It’s even commemorated by a special stamp, issued in 1996 upon the centennial of RFD postal service and presented at the convention of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association in Charleston, WV.

According to the Postal Service, the image on the stamp is based on a photograph of an early rural carrier alongside his horse-drawn mail wagon.

There were no telephones in those days, of course. No radios, no TVs. People stayed in touch by mail, and that was about it. For rural people, it was a problem. They had to go to the post office to get their mail. Many people lived so many miles from town, they collected their mail only once every several weeks.

As communications in cities and towns improved, with daily free mail delivery, the rural predicament became intolerable. By the end of the 1800’s, Rural Free Delivery was launched. It began with a $10,000 grant by the U.S. Congress in 1890 as a test for the free delivery system in 46 small towns and villages. The move was controversial because of the expense involved. But a flood of letters to Congress throughout the 1890’s gradually increased the pressure. By Oct. 1, 1896, Postmaster General William L. Wilson of West Virginia chose his hometown of Charles Town, WV, and two nearby villages, Halltown and Uvilla, as the first sites where rural free delivery would be officially tried.

In his October 1897, annual report, Postmaster General James A. Gary said, “It would be difficult to point to any like expenditure of public money which has been more generously appreciated by the people, or which has conferred greater benefits in proportion to the amount expended.”

Gary wrote that rural carriers were paid a maximum of $300 a year and furnished their own means of conveyance, many riding 20 or 30 miles a day in all kinds of weather, every road condition, and often across farms where there were no roads at all. By 1898, rural routes devised in Carroll County, MD, became the model for the nation.

A century later, rural carriers deliver the mail daily on 54,442 rural routes over 2.7 million miles to 24.7 million delivery points.

Historians say Rural Free Delivery not only improved communications for rural residents, but was a shot in the arm for the U.S. economy, stimulating road and bridge development, and all kinds of economic growth. Postal officials laud RFD as an important symbol of unity for the nation, saying that universal mail service at uniform cost was a turning point in American history and culture.

Funny — that’s just like RFD-TV.

How do I get my cable system to carry RFD-TV?

We have a special feature HERE that allows you to search your area by zip code for network availability. You may also visit your local cable providers website and send an email and/or call them to request them to carry RFD-TV.

How can I watch RFD-TV on the Internet?

How can I watch past episodes on RFD-TV?

No satellite or cable? Or just want to watch RFD-TV shows at your convenience or on-the-go? Get our streaming app, RFD-TV Now and watch RFD-TV anytime, anywhere!

Does RFD-TV offer a complete program schedule?

Yes! You can view our programming schedule at rfdtv.com/watch/schedule.

Why do you change your programming schedule?

RFD-TV periodically refreshes its schedule with new programs. In addition, some shows are moved to different time periods to achieve a better combination of programs. Much consideration is given to viewer convenience and interests before changes are made, to please the largest number of viewers possible. Check our program schedule to keep up-to-date on when all daily shows and specials air and get episode details.

How do I submit a show to be on RFD-TV?

RFD-TV welcomes new programmers to apply to have their show on RFD-TV. To begin the process, please fill out our New Programmer Submission Form: rfdtv.com/programming

Where can I buy RFD-TV merchandise?

RFDTV.com now offers a variety of merchandise to purchase for that special someone or yourself. To view available inventory, please visit our online store: shoprmg.com

Are there employment opportunities at RFD-TV?

RFD-TV is owned and operated by Rural Media Group, Inc. To view job postings for all RMG companies, please visit our job opportunities page: rfdtv.com/about-us/careers

You still have not answered my question, what should I do now?

If your question was not answered, please send an email to customerservice@rfdtv.com or contact our Customer Service Department at 402-991-6290. We will do our very best to answer your questions.