Farm Aid signs letter, issues statement supporting meatpackers


Farm Aid has signed a letter and issued a statement with standing with the almost 40,000 meat workers who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The post specifically singles out Tyson Foods, who has an infection rate of twice the other large meat companies.

“Tyson’s failure to properly protect its workforce from the spread of this deadly virus is a prime illustration of how little the company cares about its employees—who are predominantly people of color and immigrants—in spite of its aggressive media efforts to portray the opposite,” the statement said.

In addition to the statement, Farm Aid also joined 120 groups in calling for a safer and healthier work environment. Farm Aid is also are aiming to lift up demands that workers and organizers have for Tyson Foods.

Those demands include but are not limited to ensuring workers can practice physical distancing, ensuring daily testing for workers, publicly disclosing all COVID-19 cases, and implementing systems protecting workers from retaliation.

You can see the letter signed by Farm Aid and the full statement here.