Farm and ranch groups launch Farmers for Sustainable Future


A total of 21 farm and ranch groups have come together to create Farmers for a Sustainable Future, a coalition that is committed to environmental and economic sustainability.

According to a release from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the organization will be the primary resource for law and policymakers as they consider climate policies.

“Farmers and ranchers are committed stewards of the land, leading the way to climate-smart farming by promoting soil health, conserving water, enhancing wildlife, using nutrients efficiently, and caring for their animals,” the release said. “For decades, they have pushed past the boundaries of innovation thanks to investments in agricultural research and the adoption of practices that improve productivity, provide clean and renewable energy, enhance sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon.”

The FSF wants policies supported by science, incentive-based conversation programs, investment in infrastructure and solutions that ensure vibrant rural communities.

FSF members include American Farm Bureau Federation, American Pulse Association, American Sugar Alliance, American Soybean Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Barley Growers Association, National Cattleman’s Beef Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Cotton Council of America, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, National Farmers Union, National Sorghum Producers, National Milk Producers Federation, National Pork Producers Council, National Sunflower Association, Southern Peanut Farmers Association, United Egg Producers, U.S. Canola Association, U.S. Dry Bean Council, USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council, USA Rice.