Farm Bill Frustration: What kind of feedback are lawmakers receiving?

The nation’s producers have been running on an extension of the 2018 Farm Bill for nearly a year now, and that is not sitting right with the ag industry.

The American Farm Bureau says they sympathize with producers, and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says the delays have resulted in some tough questions.

“They’re telling us that they need a better farm safety net, that inflation and interest rates have cut into their earning potential, so yeah, I mean, we share our members’ frustrations that Congress has not passed a new, modernized Farm BIll. I had a school group with me this morning on the steps of the Capitol for a photo. One of the questions one of the young men asked me was, ‘Are we going to get a farm bill anytime soon?’ And it was hard to answer him, honestly no.’”

Ernst is among the growing list of lawmakers calling for there to be more “farm” in the Farm Bill. She realizes the election is just months away but says something has to give because farmers and ranchers are caught in the middle.