Farm Bureau tells Congress to leave ag producers out of political fight


The $30 billion Commodity Credit Corporation, often used to help farmers and ranchers, will not be replenished by the House of Representatives.

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall called the move a disappointment and called on Congress to put differences aside to assist farmers and ranchers.

“We’re disappointed that Congress has not reached an agreement on replenishing the Commodity Credit Corporation. For years, both parties have come together to ensure the CCC provides a safety net for America’s farmers and ranchers. A fully funded CCC is as important as ever as farmers are suffering through a pandemic, trade imbalances and severe weather,” he said. “The impact of the CCC is far reaching. Without immediate CCC replenishment, programs laid out in the farm bill, including conservation and rural development, as well as supplemental funding for nutrition programs, are all at risk. We strongly encourage members of Congress to put their differences aside in order to address the needs of rural America.”