Farm Bureau’s chief economist weighs in on HEROES Act 2.0

With more than 7 million COVID cases now logged in the United States, House Democrats roll out a compromise bill to send more aid to residents. It is a $2 trillion dollar scaled-down version of the HEROES Act they passed this summer.

American Farm Bureau’s chief economist, John Newton, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on the main ag provisions in HEROES 2.0 and his take away from the first presidential debate.

According to Newton, “The major difference between what was passed this summer and what we saw this week is, the HEROES Act this summer had a $16.5 billion dollars in direct payments support to agricultural producers... taking that $16.5 billion of support out of this package, we’re not yet pass COVID-19 and we may need those resources and that was stripped from this bill.”

Farm Bureau VP on HEROES Act.

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