Farm Fresh Funnies: some of our favorite ag social posts from last month


One amazing thing about social media is it helps connect this big old world together. That is especially true for rural and urban communities. Here are some of our favorite ag/rural social posts.

Man don’t you just love that spring air and everything coming back from the harsh winter. Except for that pollen – my allergies could do without that!

A Star is Born is a great movie. But, you know what really brings a tear to my eye – a new baby calf.

“Woooooh dude, what is that?!?!” “It’s sooo FLUFFYY!”

A farmer’s ingenuity can never be topped. The plus side here is that they are recycling – again proving that farmers know how to take care of the environment.

This is why you always have a “gate getter” with you, so you don’t have to deal with stuff like that.