Farm Humor, Taylor Swift, and Parody Videos


November 10, 2017

Farmers work hard from sun up to sun down working to feed us, clothe us, and provide raw materials for our consumption. But just because they work hard for their money, doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a good time ... or make a Taylor Swift parody video. Meet farmer Derek Klingenberg from Peabody, KS who recently made this funny video based on Taylor Swift’s popular song “Look What You Made Me Do.” He titled his video “iPhone I Like You” and used the hashtag #ImAFarmer. As of today, the video has more than 53K views on YouTube. You can follow him on social media at Farmer Derek Klingenberg on YouTube or Klingenberg Farms on Facebook and Twitter. Watch our recent coverage from this week’s “Market Day Report.” And don’t miss our weekly ongoing series “Fun on the Farm,” every Monday during our news coverage.