Farm Lab: The Science Experiment of Turning Barley into Malt

We all know farmers help feed us, but they also help keep us in “good spirits.” In this episode of “Farm Lab,” Jason Lindsey shows us where barley is transformed to malt.

Barley is transformed into malt and then breweries and distilleries take that malt and turn it into beer, whiskey, and bourbon.

Butch Case is a lifelong farmer. The barley he grows goes to his son, RT.

He uses the grain for a special science experiment, one some of you enjoy to drink. “Breaking down complex carbs and turning them into simple sugars that breweries and distilleries can access to make beer or liquor,” RT states.

It is a three step process: steeping, germinating, and kilning. The final product being malt. RT adds, “It’s definitely interesting to actually get to see your product go into beer and not just animal feed or cereal grains.”

“Value added is something that has helped a lot of smaller farmers stay in the industry,” Butch states. “It’s not just a commodity when you add value to it.”

When you add a little science to it, you get a tasty drink.