Farm pre-plans can help rural firefighters do their job effectively

A fire on the farm is something no farmer wants to deal with, but having a plan in place can help rural firefighters do their job effectively.

Most firefighters inspect businesses, but Northeast Wisconsin Technical College says that usually does not include farms.

“So, having the ability for us to be able to have a pre-plan of the farm, it can be super helpful. Those pre-plans can include things like areas where electrical power can be disconnected or gas power can be disconnected, fuel shut-offs, or controls for like silo unloaders or things of that nature-- moving parts that don’t necessarily have a common shut off to most people who aren’t familiar on farms, as well as areas where there are going to be animals that you’re going to have to potentially worry about, things like that,” Casey Kamm states.

He says that the number one thing to remember is to clearly state your location.


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