Farm to Ferment: Farmers, brewers & distillers gathered to share best practices

Farmers, brewers, and distillers from across the Volunteer State gathered this week for the Tennessee Farm and Ferment event, serving as a chance to network and share best practices.

The Tennessee Department of Ag Commissioner, Charlie Hatcher even made it out to underscore the connection between the farmer and product producer.

“I think the biggest benefit is collaboration, that connection with the farmer with the people that are going to make the product, whether it’s beer, wine, or distilled spirits. To make that connection, they need to work off each other. They need to use as many local product as they can, that farmer needs to sell as much as their products to the people that make these beverages that they can because it’s a benefit, it’s a way to add value. A farmer could get extra money for that crop, the hops, or the corn, or the grapes, or whatever they’re growing if they make that connection, build that relationship, and then they can have a continuing business relationship. It’s just good for everybody,” said Hatcher.

Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild Executive Director, Sharon Cheek and Tennessee Department of Ag’s Kyle Hensley spoke with RFD-TV’s own Suzanne Alexander about our Farm to Tap series, who was in attendance at the event, and what they are looking forward to going forward.

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