Farm-To-Fork: Farm City Coffee

Here at RFD-TV and Rural Radio, we like to say we “connect farm with the city.” There is a Nashville coffee shop doing the same and it says so in the name! Farm City Coffee is tonight’s “Farm-To-Fork”.

Almost everything but the coffee beans come from local producers at Farm City Coffee in Nashville.

“I think Nashville is an agricultural city,” owner Amy Croger states. “Not a lot of people think of it that way. They think of Music City which is true, but all of our milk, all of our butter, all of our eggs we use in our store. We are very much an agricultural city.”

For a java joint, milk is a staple. Amy buys at least 30 to 35 gallons a week from a small dairy in Orlinda, Tennessee.

“Whenever we can, we source locally. We want it to be good though. We don’t just because it’s local. We want it to be the best,” she notes.

There are some not so common add ons for beverages, like CBD, and some customers, like Katie Andrulis, get their coffee with the whipped cream on the side, that way Benji gets a treat.

Another favorite on the menu is the coal miner’s daughter, homage to Amy’s mom who actually was a coal miner’s daughter.

According to Amy, “It’s a dark chocolate peppermint mocha with activated charcoal. It’s one of our most popular drinks. It leaves a nice silky, sexy texture to it. Not so sweet and it pairs well with the Brazil espresso.”

Farm City Coffee actually started as a mobile operation called the Trailer Perk. Amy and her dad bought the old rig for just $250 dollars. They turned it into this, but when Amy had the opportunity to set up a bricks and mortar shop at the Nashville Farmers’ Market, it just made sense.

“The work that goes into it, it’s not like a normal 9 to 5 job, so in the end with the networking and the community ties, it pays for itself,” she adds. “We’re all in this together.”