Farm Workforce Modernization Act is stalled in Congress

Agriculture will be paying close attention to congressional priorities this year, to see if farm labor reform is a top priority.

Congressman Dan Newhouse says that the Farm Workforce Modernization Act appears to be on pause after the House passed it last year. The Senate wanted to see what would happen with the Build Back Better Plan, which is now dead.

However, Newhouse, who chairs the western caucus, says that there may still be some options.

“That’s kind of on pause, unfortunately, in the Senate. So, being in the House and being very, we’re trying to be responsive and get something accomplished here,” Newhouse states. “We’re looking at other pieces of legislation that we could move here in the House that maybe would have a better chance of moving through the Senate.”

He says that lawmakers could use your help and encourages you to let your Senators know how important and urgent reform is.


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