Farmers across the U.S. could receive much needed drought relieft

Farmers may receive some much-needed drought relief this week.
Taking a look at the latest Drought Monitor, not much has changed across the country, even after the powerful winter storm that brought lots of precipitation and negative degree temps.

However, temperatures across a large swatch of the country will warm up as we head into the new year, which could lead to snow melting, flooding, and rain. Going from freezing to thawing is not always great for farmers and could lead to higher humidity, higher dew points, and of course footing issues for both producers and livestock.

USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey says that the warmer temperatures will help many farmers, but rain is not expected in the one area that needs it most.

“Unfortunately, one area of the country that does not look like it will receive much precipitation over the next week or so is the nation’s midsection. One of the driest areas of the country, including the drought-stricken central Great Plains,” he states.

As temperatures begin to warm up, many producers are still concerned about the impact left behind from the arctic blast.