Farmer’s Harvest is certified Farm Fresh

If farm fresh is best, then the Farmer’s Harvest restaurant is hard to beat. Let’s go to this eatery that lives up to its name.

It’s pretty much summer on a plate.

Justin Gregory and his wife Sunshine run Farmer’s Harvest restaurant in Hartsville, and today for lunch, Justin and his son Farmer are the first to try out tonight’s dinner special.

This bone-in ribeye and all those veggies come from the Gregory’s farm just down the road in Castalian Springs. There is the beef cattle operation, as well as acres of fresh vegetables and even a few baby watermelons thrown in for good measure.

“We actually started a food truck out at the farm and everybody was on us about, you know-- ‘y’all need to go ahead and open a restaurant,’” Justin explains

Justin’s mother-in-law Kim Ligon is in charge of the fried green tomato station. She knew this southern delicacy would be on the menu. What she didn’t not know is how many ways they could be used.

This Trousdale County cafe packs ‘em in at lunch. As people come in from all over just to eat this farm fresh goodness.

Farmer’s Harvest also offers an on-site market for their produce, and for an added bonus, they have partnered with the fine folks at Shop Springs Creameryin neighboring Wilson County to serve up their extraordinary ice cream.

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