Farmers want the #AndyClean stamp of approval


American Farmers are posting pictures of their squeaky-clean equipment on twitter using the hashtag #AndyClean.

Ontario farmer, Andy Pasztor, has built a reputation for doing a thorough job taking care of his equipment. Pasztor, a grain and vegetable farmer, has been posting pictures of himself washing and scrubbing his tractors clean. He tells Brownfield Ag News he never expected his passion to resonate so strongly with other farmers, but he is ready to expand the Andy Clean brand.

“I get a lot of folks asking me what kind of soap I use and I got to thinking maybe we should get an Andy Clean line of soap going so that is what we are currently working on. We have a pretty good product coming out. We have tested it with some of the pickiest farmers I know. So that is what people can be watching for and we will see what happen

Even some equipment manufacturers are jumping on the trend. John Deere teased a photo just ahead of the North American launch of the X9 Series combine. They said it has an #AndyClean sticker on it!

Since the hashtag has gone viral, Andy now has 23,000 Twitter followers.


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