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FarmHer Lesley Bracker: An Alpaca Adventurer

FarmHer Lesley Bracker and some of her alpacas

Lesley Bracker is an “accidental” FarmHer who has taken on an alpaca adventure with Barron Hill Alpacas. But Lesley didn’t grow up in agriculture, for her it started later in life. Her FarmHer journey started as a young woman caring for Scottish Highland cattle, Jacob sheep, and Percheron horses at an estate. She loved her job and her friends took notice.

One day, a friend asked her if she could watch her alpacas over the weekend while on vacation. It was love at first sight for Lesley and her alpaca days began. Fast forward 20 years later, and her alpaca adventures include raising breeding stock for good homes and shows. At one point she had over 35 head of alpacas and takes great pride in the breeding lines she has created herself. Currently, she keeps her herd under 20 and enjoys them every day.

In addition to the smaller herd, she’s added an AirBnb to her farm with several private rooms. She’s welcomed over 900 guests to her farm and hosts exciting activities like alpaca yoga and weddings. The property even has a pool for guests to enjoy!

One of the most important parts of getting the the alpacas show-ready is to halter train them to lead. Lesley frequently takes her alpacas on walks around the farm and competes at shows. Part of her science in breaking young alpacas is finding where their balance point is and consistently working with the animal calmly. In turn, their trust slowly builds.

When she’s not training alpacas or helping guests around the farm, Lesley is involved in a new business venture: Fur Should Fly creates merchandise perfect for animal lovers. She contributes monetarily with funds she makes from the merchandise to rescues and shelters supporting animals in need, improving their lives.

First and foremost, Lesley Bracker is an animal lover. From show friends to guests on the farm, this FarmHer’s favorite thing is finding camaraderie in people who love and respect animals as much as she does.