Farming couple takes cross-country tractor trek to raise money for kids

Dick and Carolee Ourada are taking a 3,910-mile, 60-day trip in a 1977 IH tractor as a way to raise money for kids. The couple is traveling from Nebraska to Alaska after they fell in love with the state several years ago.

Dick is a retired farmer and his love for farming dates back to the 1970s when he built his 3,000-head hog-producing farm, according to AgWeb. He lost his wife in 1996 and fell out of love with the industry and later sold the farm. Years later, he found his purpose when he met Carolee. The two ventured to Alaska for the summer and immediately fell in love with it. They later purchased land in Alaska, but all that was missing was a tractor, which is hard to find in the state. So, they decided to buy one in Colorado and drive it back. You could say they have done this a time or two before.

They have set a goal of raising $100,000 as they make the almost 4,000-mile trek. All the proceeds for their newest trip, “Tractor Trip for Kids” will go towards the Colorado Children’s Hospital Foundation, which saved Dick’s daughter’s life almost six decades ago this week. Carolee’s family also experienced the life-saving services of the hospital. Dick says the hospital did something he will never forget.

To follow along with their journey, visit their Facebook page.


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Story via Tyne Morgan with AgWeb

Farming couple takes cross-country tractor trek to raise money for kids