FDA list of dangerous sanitizers now features more than 100 products


The FDA’s list dangerous hand sanitizers has now swelled to more than 100 items.

The products are on the list mainly because they contain methanol, which can be poisonous to humans if absorbed through the skin and fatal if ingested.

The FDA added an additional warning Friday about some hand sanitizers having “concerningly low levels” of ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.

“The agency urges consumers not to use these subpotent products and has expanded its list to include subpotent hand sanitizers, in addition to hand sanitizers that are or may be contaminated with methanol,” the FDA wrote.

The FDA has put certain hand sanitizers on import alert so they can not legally enter the U.S. market.

The agency’s list of dangerous hand sanitizers has been growing rapidly since it was first introduced as a 9 item list in late June.

Less than a week ago, a dozen products were added to bring the total at the time to 87.

You can see a full list here.