Fewer E-85 vehicles will hit the market this year

There will be fewer flex fuel vehicles on the market this year.

Ford and General Motors will be the only manufacturers offering E-85 vehicles this year and about half of those will only be available to fleet clients.

Naturally, biofuels producers say that it will have a negative impact on E-85 sales. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association says that it is the result of changes to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Credits during the Obama administration.

According to the Association’s Executive Director, Monte Shaw, “The problem is that starting in about 2016 because the federal law changed and some of the things that auto dealers used to get for producing FFV’s went away. We’re seeing fewer and fewer models at a time when we supposedly want to promote low-carbon fuels. It’s a time when the economy is not doing real good because of the challenges of COVID, or whatever, and here’s a way to save money with a cheaper fuel, yet fewer vehicles can run that.”

The Iowa RFA says that E-85 has the best cost per mile and more than 5,000 stations sell the flex fuel in the U.S.


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