Field of Dreams: America’s pastime is paying homage to its corn growers

Tonight’s “Field of Dreams” baseball game will pay homage to our nation’s corn farmers.

The White Sox-Yankees game is unlike any other and will actually be played at the “Field of Dreams” movie site. The president of the shares how the popular movie has brought corn and baseball together.

“When you think about the kind of consistent ties across many different sections, you really realize that with its history, corn and baseball is a longtime staple. So, there’s such an opportunity to bring people together, and focus back on what do corn farmers do and how they relate to the consumers. So, it’s just a good optic, a good opportunity, a really good venue to carry a message forward,” according to John Linder.

Many state corn growers associations are holding gathering parties tonight. It starts at 7 PM Eastern, check your local listings.


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