Find out what part of the Midwest grows the most corn and soybeans

Have you ever wondered which part of the Midwest grows more corn, and which raises more soybeans? Well, there is a map for that!

According to Gary Schnitkey, an ag economist with University of Illinois Extension, “Indiana and Ohio have more soybeans in their rotation than corn. They look a lot like southern Illinois actually. That surprised me, particularly, because growing up in Ohio where my family runs a 50/50 rotation. So, I was surprised to see more soybeans there. The other one that surprised me was Iowa. You always knew that northern half of the state was more corn, but it’s the northeast corner with much heavier corn and not the northwest, where all the hogs are.”

He created the map and says the results even surprised him.

Wisconsin is the most corn intensive state, and Kansas has seen the corn crop encroaching upon wheat acres.

To check out the map click HERE.