Fire burns Louisiana home, walls with scripture on them stay intact


A house in Louisiana was deemed a total loss after a fire Sunday night, however, a few things were spared in the blaze, including many wall studs with scripture from the Bible written on them.

“Thankfully, the family was able to escape the home without injury,” the Livingston Parish Fire Department posted on Facebook. “The home is obviously a complete loss. What caught our eyes was that the homeowners had written scriptures on wall studs through the house. The fire stopped at the scriptures.”

The fire began around 7 p.m. on Feb. 2 and burned until Midnight. All seven people made it out alive and unharmed but a pet bird died.

According to WAFB, in 2017, the Lovett family began asking friends and other family members to write bible verses on the studs as a way of blessing their home. Around 80 verses were added to the home.

“Wow. This brought tears of joy instantly to my eyes. And my heart raced like I just ran a marathon. Our Lord God, Heavenly Father is SO amazing. People if you don’t know about the POWER of prayer and scripture yet,” one Facebook commenter said. “I strongly encourage you to join into the heavenly realms that our Lord has offered to all of us. He is the almighty everlasting Father!”

A fundraiser has been setup for the family. You can donate here.