First responders in Virginia rescue horse from sinkhole


An 8-year-old horse had to be rescued from a small sinkhole in a pasture it had been grazing for years.

The incident took place in Botetourt Country in Virginia, where the horse was stuck sitting on its hindquarters.

First responders rescued the horse by securing a harness around it and lifting it out of the sinkhole. The animal’s eyes were covered with a mask to help steady the nerves.

Personnel in Botetourt County were able to rescue the horse and its actually something they have seen before.

“It happens about every six to nine months,” Botetourt County Fire & EMS Chief Jason Ferguson told

In the county, horses and cattle get in predicaments often enough for first responders and animal control to be trained on how to rescue animals.

The horse showed no signs of injury.

“Once sedatives began to wear off, he stood and began to eat, with no obviously significant injuries,” the Botetourt County Fire Department said on Facebook.