Fishing Superstitions


There is no better way to spend a lazy day than out on the water catching some fish, but if you want a bite, some times are better than others to cast off. If you’re looking to bring home some supper, here are some tried and true tricks for finding the best fishing time.

  • Pay attention to the tides. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, one hour before and one hour after high and low tides is prime fishing time. If you’re inland, the high tides correspond to when the moon is due south.
  • Flies are food and where they swarm, there’s probably a bite or two to be had. Look for caddisflies and mayflies to find the right spot.
  • The “Golden Hour” isn’t just important for good photos, it’s also a great time to catch some fish. Prime times are at sunrise as well as sunset and about an hour or so after.
  • Check the barometer before you head out! If the pressure is steady or on the rise, you’re in for some good fishing!

And remember, like granddad said, always throw back your first catch for luck!