Florida men banned from hunting in Colorado after illegal kills


9 News reports the Colorado hunting licenses of two Florida men were revoked after a tip led to them pleading guilty of illegally killing mule deer and pronghorns according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission hearing ruled on Feb. 11 that a 20-year suspension was warranted for 33-year-old Timothy Draper.

Draper pleaded guilty in 2018 to participating in a poaching operation that claimed at least three mule deer and six pronghorn.

Draper was also sentenced to two years of supervised probation and must forfeit all weapons and equipment used in his crime.

Lawrence Cowart was issued a lifetime ban by the CPW after he pleaded guilty in 2018 to the willful destruction of wildlife.

Both men also surrendered the trophy heads of the illegally harvested deer and pronghorn.

CPW says evidence showed that the men killed the deer and pronghorn and decapitated some and leaving the torsos. The men shipped the heads to a taxidermist in Florida for mounting.