Florida Woman Votes to Celebrate 108th Birthday


Ruth Graham Ray turned 108 on Saturday and she wanted to celebrate by casting her ballot.

“I just hope I can hold up and be an encouragement to somebody else,” Ray said.

With the help of her Godson, Michael Blaylock, Ray cast her ballot for her 23rd Presidential election.

“She often talks about having lived through over 20 presidents,” Blaylock told News4Jax. “All the struggles and all the things that she witnessed as a young child, as a young woman, discrimination, separation, all of those things, and she said she can live to vote today at 108, she said she had to do it.”

Ray said if you have the opportunity to vote, she said you should take advantage of it.

“It lets them know that they are willing to sacrifice and carry on and keep things going,” Ray said.