Food and Ag Climate Alliance has recommendations for federal climate policy

A new coalition of farm groups has just unveiled its recommendations for federal climate policy.

The Food and Ag Climate Alliance is putting forward 40 policy recommendations that are science-based, market drive, voluntary, and promote resilience in rural communities.

Some of the key initiatives include a tax credit for carbon sequestration, a carbon bank led by USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation, and a closer look at how federal crop insurance could be used to encourage more conservation.

The American Farm Bureau is one of the founding members of the group.

AFBF President Zippy Duvall states, “We wanted to start with a small diverse group to see if we had enough common goals and beliefs to back a common set of recommendations. To be honest, we didn’t know whether we would ultimately reach an agreement. For me, I knew it was important for us to have policies that respected our farmers, among other priorities, and I’m pleased to report these recommendations do just that.”

The coalition plans to work with the presidential administration and Congress to determine the best ways to implement their policy goals.