Former Ag Secretaries on the key ag policies facing new administration

We are hearing from former Ag Secretaries on what changes to farm policy will come with a new administration.

They have weighed in on what they see as important issues the new administration must address.

According to Mike Espy, “There’s going to be a renewed focus in trade, rural development, nutrition, and what I call ‘equity in agriculture,’ including more diverse farmers.”

“Adequate spending for the research agenda to protect farmers, ranchers, consumers, and our food supply, generally,” Dan Glickman states. “A lot of the research has to go into zoonotics.”

“I think that the USDA can play a very important role going forward in how to facilitate the discussion about supply chain and how to avoid long distance disruptions of markets in the future,” Ann Venemen adds.

Tom Vilsack is the nominee to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture under the Biden Administration.