Former President Trump meets with sheriffs at Texas border

Former President Donald Trump thanked sheriffs in rural Texas counties who are trying to protect farmers and ranchers at the border.

He traveled to the ag-rich region of the Rio Grande Valley where the governor said that there has been a 500 percent increase in criminal migrant crossings. The border wall built under the Trump administration is unfinished and the former President said that it is falling into disrepair because it has not been painted.

“We have to get that painted now. They have to paint it, because if they don’t paint it, bad things are happening,” Trump stated. “I’m looking and it has to be painted and the best color to paint it is black because if you paint it black it’s so hot nobody can even try to climb it.”

Gov. Greg Abbott has pledged to finish building the wall. He says that he will use state money and crowd-funding.


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