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From Horses to Their Hotels on a Nebraska Farm


What do you get when you take a farm, a loving family, and three determined young FarmHer’s? Mini donkeys, horses, and place to rest your hooves and boots in Nebraska!

Emily, Hanah, and Sarah Eberspacher grew up on the family farm riding horses. They all fell in love with the horses and the lifestyle from a young age. All three girls were homeschooled so they could criss-cross the country competing in horse shows and building what they didn’t know then, would be the basis for their future entrepreneurial endeavor.

A devastating F3 tornado hit the girls’ home in 2014, causing widespread damage and even killing two of their beloved horses. The tornado spared their home but destroyed part of the barn and the entire riding arena. When they rebuilt, the family added on a bunkhouse to the riding arena. At the time they weren’t really sure how they would use it. Emily went off to college at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, just a bit down the road from their farm. There at the school, she entered into the Engler Entrepreneurship program. Through her time in that program, Emily came up with the idea to turn their bunkhouse and arena into a horse hotel. She is the marketer of the group and set about making a business plan and getting all of the pieces in place to launch their business. With her younger sisters at her side, the girls jumped into the saddle and haven’t stopped since.

Other parts of the business include training horses and buying and selling horses for other people. The girls years spent in the horse show circuit built quite a network of other horse enthusiasts and that has helped their business grow and flourish today. While the girls credit their business growth in part to that network, it is easy to see that this family loves what they do and loves to spend time together. They welcome their guests with open arms, a smile on their face, and a comfortable place to rest. The day spent with the girls of Triple E was a fun one for sure, and one that we won’t soon forget!