From pumpkins to Christmas trees: the ag business of the holidays


A load of freshly-harvested pumpkins in the back of Larry Smith’s pickup truck.

It is not even Thanksgiving and some pumpkin patch farms are replacing Halloween decorations with Christmas!

Those who live and work on farms feel lucky they do what they do. Many have made the best out of a bad year.

According to pumpkin patch owner Rick Vega, “I don’t think any of us will forget COVID 2020, and everything else that happens this year. We’re just lucky to provide a place where people can come out and you know, king of get their minds off everything else and just come in and have some fun with the family.”

These pumpkin patches are no longer in demand. Of course, Halloween has passed. Now, before Thanksgiving, they become Christmas-oriented.

As he looks back, Vega says that pumpkins had a rough year, but he was able to make the best of it too.

“Pumpkins, well they did have a lot of inclement weather up there where they grow, so they were short,” he states. “It wasn’t a very good harvest, but we managed to get everything we needed, and we managed to, you know go the season now with all the ones that we purchased.”

With his farm becoming Christmas oriented, Vega says that he is going to have to keep in mind we still have a pandemic and he needs to make sure those who visit are not spreading the virus.

“We’ve seen a lot of people more eager to come out. We are enforcing the mask wearing and the social distancing... we have wash stations and antibacterial pumps all over the farm,” he adds.

Vega says that his staffers go around the farm making sure everybody keeps their mask on.