FTC files complaint against Frontier Communications over broadband services

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against Frontier Communications.

The FTC claims the company did not provide customers with promised speeds or charged them for services they could not deliver.

Wisconsin Democrat Ron Kind says that this has been a problem for a while and it is not limited to one company. He says that providers will come into communities with big promises on which they cannot deliver, and it shows the need for a comprehensive broadband plan in rural America.

According to Kind, “We need better monitoring and oversight, especially for these bigger providers that just got awarded some big federal contracts for rural broadband expansion, to make sure that they’re adhering to the terms of the contract, and not just taking the money and run, and that’s another problem that we have to confront.”

Kind is a member of the National Rural Broadband Task Force. Some House Republicans say that it is time for USDA to take the driver’s seat on the rural broadband issue.


Holding bidder accountable when it comes to bridging the digital divide