Gallery: Old Iron Adventures

Follow Aumann Auctions coast to coast on a road trip adventure! Each episode highlights the challenges of hosting an auction. Plus, get behind-the-scenes looks, history lessons & meet a cast of very interesting characters along the way!

Gallery: Old Iron Adventures
Old Iron Adventures - Rusty Old Tractor And Jumbled Parts
Old Iron Adventures - Kansas Antique Tractor Collection
3 single cylinder early tractors, Montana
Alex 20HP Type D Titan
Alex Unloading 20HP Type D Titan
Alex - unloading Holt 75 Crawler
Glen - Litke Collection Tour Kansas
Alex Kurt Linn truck
Inside building, Montana Collection
Moving Emerson Big4 20 in Kansas
Moving Holt 75, Baker Collection, California
Moving Holt Crawler, Baker Collection, California
Moving Rumely Model E, Montana