Gardening at Vickery House is helping give back to those in need

Students of all ages are tending to a house garden that will grow produce for their neighbors.

A project at University of North Georgia’s Vickery House has 4-H and college students helping give back to their community by growing fresh produce.

According to Chesley Davis, the 4-H Extension Coordinator, “The important part was I wanted to expose my 4-Hers to the food insecurity we have here in Lumpkin. We only have one grocery store and there is definitely food need here in the county.”

It also provides a unique opportunity on campus. “A lot of the students live in dorms or they live in apartments or they live in places that don’t have the ability to garden and so here they can learn how to do that stuff but also produce something that’s really important for the school and the community,” Associate Professor of Biology, David Patterson states.

It was hard for the university to find a source for local, fresh, and nutritious produce, so this project and partnership was a no brainer. Also, the Vickery House project allows the school to become closer with their community and give students a different type of academic learning.