Getting USMCA Done

The push to get the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement ratified continues, and one Republican believes more Democrats should be supporting it.

GOP chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), says Democrats should look to the opinion of a former agriculture secretary from their own party if they have reservations on the USMCA.

Now the Export Dairy Council Chief, Tom Vilsack, spoke to the Senate Finance Committee just a couple of weeks ago, saying:

“I have a simple message for the committee—exports matter to (the) American food and agriculture industry. Thirty percent of all agriculture production, and 20-percent of all agricultural income, is directly related to exports. It helps to support, with 140-billion dollars of activity, nearly a million good-paying jobs.”.

He tried to make it clear how much trade with Canada and Mexico has grown and what this deal will mean to farmers and ranchers.

The U.S. International Trade Commission projects 2.2 billion dollars will be added to ag and food income if the USMCA is passed.
Representatives say they’re working to address issues over the August recess, but reports say there’s a slim chance of a vote on the deal before November.