Giant pumpkins smash Utah state record at weigh-off in Lehi


Lehi, Utah (AP)-- The Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers group has recorded eight pumpkins from the state this year that weighted more than 1,000 pounds, setting a state record.

The first-place pumpkin at the 16th annual event last Saturday in the city of Lehi came in at 1,825 pounds, KSTU-TV reported.

The hefty gourd was grown by local farmer Mohamed Sadiq. It was the largest pumpkin to be grown outside of a greenhouse and the second largest pumpkin ever grown in Utah, event organizers said.

The event was an official weighing season for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, an organization that has made giant pumpkin growing a hobby with standards to ensure quality, competition fairness, and education.

The group is hosting a second event at Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove on October 10th.