“Give farmers one less thing to worry about": Sen Grassley says White House needs to act now on China

Senator Chuck Grassley says that the U.S. is at a crucial moment with China, as it takes serious action to expand its foothold in the Pacific.

Beijing recently applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership. Senator Grassley says that would put the U.S. at risk of losing crucial ag markets. With the Phase One agreement over and no details about the next steps, Grassley says that the administration needs to act now to give farm families some stability.

“Farmers deal with many uncertainties, including weather and input prices, just think of the price of fertilizer-- sky high this year. And of course, even with the commodity markets, particularly the cattle feeders,” he states. “The Biden administration needs to forcefully re-engage in talks for new trade agreements to give farmers one less thing to worry about.”

Grassley says that he and Senator Joni Ernst will send a letter to the White House this week asking for additional agreements with China. He says that the time to take action is now since the President’s domestic agenda has stalled.


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