Grilling the Experts: The cost of your July 4th cookout is up, but there’s still some good news

Everything right now feels more expensive, and the cost of your 4th of July barbeque has risen, too.

The average cost of a quarter-pound cheeseburger has gone up about $0.20, or an 11 percent increase from last year. USDA economists say the average price of ground beef has actually dropped since last July, but other ingredients have soared. Chicken prices have also risen due to an increase in Avian Influenza around the world.

“Those are being carried forward into the retail side, boneless skinless breast meat is about $4.22 a pound compared to $2.11 a pound a year ago. Leg quarters are being offered at $1.31 a pound compared to about $0.94 a year ago.”

Some retailers are offering deals that cost them money just to get customers through the doors. The American Farm Bureau reports “on-farm” costs are now so high, that they have canceled out higher prices farmers receive for goods.


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