Growing Climate Solutions Act passes Senate

The Growing Climate Solutions Act passed the Senate. This is the first of its kind to engage farmers and foresters as a part of the solution.

The bill aims to create a carbon market and found bipartisan support on the Senate Ag Committee.

According to Senator Debbie Stabenow, “What we are doing is voluntary, producer-led, and bipartisan, and to me and the Agriculture Committee, those are the magic words. And, we are providing the tools to farmers and our foresters to be able to measure and verify what they’re doing, working with the USDA so they can go into the private markets. We’re making sure that we’re setting it up for them. I mean this is not about Wall Street. This is about farmers and foresters, we are putting them first. In this process, designing a way to do this for them.”

Stabenow says that there would be an advisory committee to oversee what happens, a majority of which will be made up of producers themselves. The Growing Climate Solutions Act now heads to the House of Representatives for approval.


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