Growth Energy is calling for biofuels to be embraced

Biofuels have been getting a lot of attention and push back lately. It is why groups like Growth Energy say it is an important sector that deserves attention for both climate and agriculture.

“Historically a big part of the pushback has been from oil refiners. They don’t want to blend more ethanol with gasoline because that’s less market share for them. They don’t like the notion of a requirement that they would have to do this. They want to be able to choose to do this, so most of the friction has really been between the oil lobby and U.S. ethanol, American agriculture, and the corn growers as well. So that’s where kind of some of that tension has been recently. However, that’s starting to change. Many of the big integrated refineries are understanding as they are starting to look at renewable diesel, they’re looking at biofuels as a way that they can keep liquid fuels, low carbon. And so they’re starting to change their perspective on the renewable fuel standard, which is exciting,” said Emily Skor.

Skor is calling for leaders in Washington to embrace biofuels. The EPA recently updated the GREET Model, which Senator Chuck Grassley says is too restrictive and will strip farmers of market opportunity.