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Hannah Borg is the winner of Syngenta’s ‘Rooted in Ag’ contest

Syngenta has announced the grand prize winner of their “Rooted in Ag” contest. Hannah Borg of Wakefield, Nebraska.

The contest, which is in its 7th year, honors growers and ag professionals and those who inspired them.

Thrive TV’s Shane Norris caught up with Hannah to talk about winning the contest and the impact her grandmother had on her passion for agriculture.

In her winning video essay, Hannah Borg told of how her grandmother inspired her on a daily basis-- so naturally grandma was the first to know that Hannah won.

“I had no expectations of anything when I entered the contest. I guess the thing that I’m most excited about was that I got to tell my grandma,” Hannah states. “She was excited for me. She’s like, ‘now what is this again?’ Bless her heart, she doesn’t really understand internet or social media or anything like that. So, I explained to her everything again. She was like, ‘Oh, that is so cool. Congratulations!’”

The prize Syngenta awards includes a $1,000 dollar donation in the winner’s name to a local charity or civic organization. Since her roots and history play such a role in her upbringing, Borg is excited to give her check to the Wakefield Heritage Organization.

According to Hannah, “It’s an organization in my hometown that preserves and maintains the two museums that we have, and so, this organization is special to me because I love learning history and I love going to these museums... I think it’s important to preserve and document our history and to keep that going. So, I’m pretty pumped to be able to present them with the check.”

Borg’s message to others in the industry: this is probably the hardest job you’ll ever love, so be sure to give yourself some time to enjoy it.

“Agriculture is such a special industry and if you work in it, you know that; so, as someone who’s in production agriculture and is on the farm-- I love my job. I know I’m surrounded by many friends who love their job and agriculture as well,” Hannah adds. “So, if I was to spread a message to other folks like myself, I would say, just give yourself grace. It’s not always easy. There’s always those hard days or hard times in agriculture, but it is worth it, especially when we understand where we came from and the why behind what we’re doing is really important.”

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