Happy Trails Exhibit Opens


September 22, 2016

The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and RFD-TV have partnered together for the Happy Trails: A Tribute to Roy Rogers exhibit.

The display features Roy Rogers and Dale Evans’ beloved horses, Trigger & Buttermilk. Also along for the ride is Bullet the Wonder Dog!

The exhibit will be on display at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame now through RFD-TV’s THE AMERICAN on February 19, 2017. RFD-TV founder and president Patrick Gottsch joined the mayor of Ft. Worth for the grand opening of the exhibit on Wednesday.

“This brings back incredible memories of watching Roy Rogers show on Saturday mornings,” said Mayor Price. “What fun to have, Patrick thank you for sharing these wonderful memories with us and a chance to see them.”

“There’s a reason why Roy saved these animals,” Gottsch told members of the media. “It was to bring back memories to people like the mayor said of growing up. We’ve went around the country, National Cattlemen’s Convention, WNFR, and other places so people could see them. But we’ve always been looking for a permanent home to re-establish the museum again so I’m hoping to be here maybe a year from now and announcing that this has really turned in to something.”

The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is located in the heart of the Ft. Worth Stockyards national historic district. Get ticket information and hours of operation now.