Hard hat? Check. Steel-toed shoes? Check. Tail? ...


August 9, 2019

Does your job require you to wear a uniform, hard hat, special shoes, or some other type of wearable equipment? What if the list were expanded to include a prosthetic tail?

Before you start laughing too hard, the Japanese researchers who have developed this, er, interesting appendage suggest that it could offer genuine practical advantages, say, for people who do a lot of heavy lifting or perform other tasks that could benefit from enhanced counterbalance. The robotic tail, called Arque, is made from individual plastic segments and features “muscles” powered by compressed air. It estimates the shifting center of gravity in the user’s body as they change posture to perform various tasks. Discover more HERE.

A consumer edition is likely some years down the road, but, in the meantime, the possibilities are worth . . . ruminating.


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