Having A Year-Round Marketing Approach Can Get You Through Low Markets

A year-round marketing approach can greatly benefit cattle producers even in times of market lows.

The American Hereford Association is equipping member with knowledge and tools they need to be impactful marketers, no matter the market condition. Mark Johnson, a Hereford breeder and livestock marketing agent, says that the first step is knowing your operation and what sets you apart. He states, “One thing is trying really to define who you are as an operation. What are your strengths, and once you identify that, how to tell people about it.”

Building relationships, providing top-quality customer service and keeping the genetic program top-of-mind should all be year-round goals for today’s seedstock producer, along with seeking marketing support. Jason Barber with Superior Livestock states, “Consistent effort yield consistent results, in my opinion.”

“No matter what you are marketing, whether it is fed cattle or feeder cattle or purebred livestock...,” according to Johnson, “when you’re working with someone just treat them fairly... Develop relationships that you can fall back on when times get tough. If you have a strong brand, you can have a few setbacks and people will still rally around you, rather than just focusing on your product.”

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