Here Comes Harvey


August 25, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) Hurricane Harvey has strengthened to a category 2 storm, and is forecast to intensify to “major hurricane” status by the time it makes landfall later today or early tomorrow.

The storm is expected to slow down and stall out over parts of Texas and the Gulf coast, potentially dropping multiple feet of rain over the course of several days. Emergency officials are urging everyone in the storm’s wide path to evacuate and prepare for flash floods.

And for farmers and ranchers: experts at Texas A&M Extension say farmers should get livestock to high ground, and make sure cattle have visible identification numbers, such as fire or freeze brands or numbered ear tags, in case they wind up lost or in someone else’s pasture.

Emergency officials are also warning farmers to remove all fuels from the vicinity of barns and to shut off electrical power to barns and other buildings in order to prevent potential fire disasters.

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